Dashboard Diaries ~ Day 3

time is ticking by and I am about to hit the road again, better finish this journey up!!

... last day departing Bowling Green, Kentucky for Day 3 on the road and the destination of Columbus, Ohio!!

7:30 am ~ was up early, packed, snuck B out for a walk, loaded up and pulled out of the hotel for a fuel stop ... diesel and Dr. Pepper and we're off!  5 hours to go! 

8:15 am ~ all the sudden was 9:15 am when I crossed the EST timezone line.  Will be glad to regain that hour when we come back across

10:15 ~ through Louisville, er Lou'vul, and 90 miles to Cincinnati

10:20 ~ saw the first sign for a Starbucks!  Pulled off for a treat -- Salted Caramel Mocha and Bacon & Gouda Artisan Breakfast Sandwich.  If you've never had either ... I recommend both!! YUM!!  Back on the road

Kentucky was pretty - starting to see some changing leaves and some spots of "falling rock" warnings ...

12:15 ~ went through Cincinnati - first downtown I went straight through, so glad to hit it in a non-traffic time!   Less than 100 miles to go!

12:45 - talked to my Dad finally!  He had a good night, isn't feeling the chest pains, ate a decent meal and ready to go home!  So, things are looking up with him.  Again, so thankful and for the prayers of my friends while I was on the road and away!

Finally seeing the signs for Columbus!! Getting close!!!

B is pretty excited we are finally into Ohio ...

Who knew Ohio had so much flat farmland?  Cool old farmhouses?!

1:55 ~ pulled into the All American Quarter Horse Congress!  Finally arrived!!!!!  1313 miles; 49 hours and 45 minutes later since leaving the 4G!

Here's the girls I'm working with and our booth at The Congress!
L to R ...
-- Traci with EtchOSketch -- cool lasering on glass, leather, hide, phones, etc -- amazing personalization/custom gifts and awards!  So fun to get to work with her! 
-- Makala -- our OSU (that's Ohio State Univ) local and long time friend of Jon Ann
-- JonAnn -- The owner of Terra Leather who I'm working for
-- CJ -- another friend of JonAnn's working for her
-- Barney ... just wondering where in the heck he is and what's coming next!?  :) 

A journey indeed in so many ways!  A trip I'll never forget, memories for a lifetime and thankful for the journey! 


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