Creative Dreams

Crafting and creating have always been an outlet for me.  I learned to sew as an Elementary student participating in my local 4-H Sewing Club and have picked up other crafting hobbies along the way.  I love jewelry and multi-strand bead necklaces, etc., so why not make it myself!  This summer I've had a lot of creative dreams for things I want to make ...

... continuing my canvas paintings ... getting a sewing machine ... designing and making dresses ... getting back to making jewelry ... painting signs ... re-purposing furniture ... antique chairs from my Grandparents house to be recovered ... home design ideas ...

Having recently found a bead shop, I got a couple of tools from the barn, scissors from my Great Grandmothers sewing kit I just got and spread out my new beads and got to work!  Two necklaces that I really love are the result!  Looks like they will be going to a new home soon, and that means an excuse for me to continue creating! 

Let me know if you're in need of a necklace that's a specific color or style! I'd love to make one for you!


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